3 decades of data experience

We have been in the trenches of data engineering, running the AI training gym, and educating executives on the value and opportunity of data.

A squad of highly renowned scholars and data experts standing proudly together, doing the dirty work for you to get value from your data.

Our results in numbers


Faster Data Insights

We've slashed the time it takes to extract valuable insights from data, going from hours to minutes.


Data Processed

Last year we handled data that created more than US$200M for our clients


Year 1 ROI

An average implementation of our platform pays for itself in under 4 months

Our results

How do we do it?

Our results and experience are part of why multi-national corporations and government departments have trusted our people to solve their data problems and deliver massive ROI.

Fortune 500 Experience

One co-founder, a coding whizz kid, architected data pipelines that feed machine learning models for predictive hiring and analytics models for giants like Citibank, Deutsche Bank and Microsoft.

Messy Data Cleaners

Wrangling data from one organization is a challenge. Imagine 35 government bodies! Our other co-founder faced this pain directly, and that's why we built easy-to-use data tools to solve it.

AI expertise & degrees

Combining over 30 years of data engineering and AI expertise, we blend practical experience with academic rigor to deliver powerful Data Intelligence solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we have heard and answered most frequently from people like you who have found massive value in unifying their data.

What is Lynk Me and why is it the best Data Intelligence Platform?

Lynk Me combines decades of experience in the trenches of data driven Fortune 100 enterprises and startups, and living on the cutting edge of AI innovation for the last 5 years.

What are the problems Lynk Me Solves?

You have data in spreadsheets, PDFs, word docs, emails, or scanned pages, and data from your CRM, ERP, and other SaaS platforms that all have different structures and you want to get useful analysis and insights from them - for sales, marketing, compliance, underwriting, or any reason you desire.

We remove your need to hire a data team or learn statistics and excel, giving you the power to ask simple questions of your data and get answers in seconds.

How do you start unifying data with Lynk Me?

You can start by uploading whatever documents or files you want to extract data from. You can also start by connecting APIs from different systems or databases on-premise or in the cloud - the Lynk Me platform is easy to tailor to your specific use case and connect to any data source.

Who is Lynk Me the best solution for?

Lynk Me is for non-technical people and teams who work with a wide range of data sources and data formats, and want to get a unified view and quick insights from the data that drives their business, without coding, complex setups or implementation timelines.

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